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Lugansk Hotels Booking, prices and location

Here you can find the list of the hotels in Lugansk. These are only hotels that have websites of their own. There are also some other small cheap hotels in Lugansk. There are no five star hotels in the city, the maximum is three stars. All of them were built during the Soviet time, so rooms are really small and not very comfortable and it's hard to see a smiling face there. It is better to rent apartment in Lugansk, but if no other choice, hotel would be OK as well for couple of nights. The location of the hotels is also not the best possible, but they are close to the center. The listed price is the minimum and maximum price for the room at each hotel. I can also arrange a transfer from the airport to the hotel for you. If you have problems booking the room directly from the hotel, you can contact me. I charge $20 fee to reserve a room in one of the hotels of Lugansk. My e-mail address is
Hotels Min price Max price Address Phone
Lugansk Hotel $20 $135 Sovetskaya st. 76 +380642343529
Druzhba $50 $206 Pavla Soroki st. 16-a +380642535353
Druzhba-Plus $76 $112 Pavla Soroki st. 16-a +380642553877
Gostiniy Dvor $50 $150 Lenina st. 54 +380642331516
Slavyanskaya $40 $140 2a Pervaya Slavyanskaya St +380642345702

Lugansk Hotel decription, photos and video.

Lugansk Hotel Lugansk Hotel is one the highest buildings in Lugansk. It can provide accommodation to 250 guests at the same time. It has good central location close to supermarkets and it's located on a crossroad of 2 main streets Sovetskaya st. and Oboronnaya st. There is new restaurant on the top floor with panoramic view over the city. Girls at the lobby speak English. I don't recommend to get a room cheaper than $45-$50 per night at this hotel as the condition of such rooms can make bad impression on you. Also keep in mind that some rooms have narrow beds instead of normal size beds. I suggest to book a room without breakfast as it's not worth the price you pay for it. Right now all rooms are non smoking, but keep in mind that such rule didn't exist before, so when you ask for a room, double check that this was non smoking room in past as well. The AC system is not perfect, they use portable AC, some windows are impossible to open and they look like they were put there 20 years ago. Most of the rooms are very small. The hotel doesn't provide laundry service. There is WiFi in the rooms.

Lugansk Hotel

Druzhba Hotel and Druzhba Plus Hotel in Lugansk, decription, photos and video.

Druzhba Hotel Druzhba Hotel and Druzhba Plus Hotel are two different hotels located in the same building. Druzhba Plus is located on the second floor and the reception is there. The rest is Druzhba Hotel. It's actually one hotel, but different owers. All rooms have WiFi and have been fixed. If you are staying at Druzhba Plus make sure you have cash with you as they don't exept Visa or MasterCards for the payment and they don't speak English there. Ladies at the reception of Druzhba hotel located on the gorund floor speak more English and it's possible to pay with a card there. Both hotels do not have their own online booking system and they usually charge extra for reservation of the room. Basic rooms start from $45-$50 per night, but still some nicer rooms costs about $80-$90, it's much cheaper to rent apartment in Lugansk. Hotel has 2 nice restaurants, sauna and billiards. In summer time there are a lot of weddings coming to take photos in front of the hotel.

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