Lugansk Ukraine City
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About :: Videos of Lugansk. Different places, events and people.

Here you can check different videos of Lugansk, I have started separate youtube channel that you can visit to see new videos and I also update this page often. In these videos you can see how Lugansk city looks like, see the streets, check weather at summer or winter. If you like the videos, please subscribe to my channel and share this page with your friends. Most of the recorded videos of Lugansk are in HD quality, so I recommend to go to youtube to watch them in full screen where you can enjoy them connecting your computer to big flat screen TV. If any questions, call me at +380502242890 or write at my e-mail address
Lugansk city in photos  Hystorical museum of Lugansk
British tank captured in WWI Druzhba Hotel in winter time
Druzhba Plus hotel in winter 2013 Christmas Tree on the city square
New Year in Lugansk on 2013 Christmas Tree in Alchevsk near city hall on 2013
Lugansk Hotel and steets around Lugansk Airport
Lugansk train station 1st snow in Lugansk in 2012
Central city park in winter Sovetskaya central street in winter
New church in the central street Shevchecko university in Lugansk
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