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About :: University in Lugansk, Ukraine
ATTENTION! Updated on October 23, 2014. Lugansk universities has been relocated to other cities of Lugansk Region such as Severodonetsk, Starobelsk and Rubizhne and to Kharkov. Lugansk is the edicational center of the region and there are 4 big universities in Lugansk now. Many young people come to study from smaller towns and villages and there are also a lot of students from other countries, sush as India and China, many come from African continet, some from European Union and I even met students from USA. Below is a little summary on universities of Lugansk.
East Ukraine Volodymyr Dal National University The official website of East Ukraine Volodymyr Dal National University was changed to in September 2014. The university administration has moved to Severodonetsk city. Those students who did study in Lugansk city can continue their education base on distance learning sytem. Lugansk office is temporarily not working. It is the biggest one with over 34,000 students. Originally that was a technical institute, so their strongest features are Engineering, Computer Sciences, Electronics, Physics, Chemistry and so on. The university has branches in other Ukrainian cities: Seierodonetsk, Rubizhne, Krasnodon, Antratsyt, Livadiya, Feodosiya, Yevpatoriya, Skadovsk.
Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk The other big university Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk also changed website address in September 2014 to The head office and administration was moved to Starobelsk city. University has about 30,000 students. The building of the university in Lugansk has been captured by armed terrorists and can no longer be used to teach students. Originally that was an institute to train teachers. They have very strong languages department. The structure of university includes several institutes: Institute of Economics and Business, Institute of Information Technologies, Institute of Tourism and Technology of Public Service, Institute of Culture and Art, Institute of Postgraduate Education, Institute of Physical Education and Sports. You can choose among various faculties and study Foreign Languages, History, Psychology and Pedagogy, Natural Science, Ukrainian Philology and so on.
Lugansk National Agrarian University Lugansk National Agrarian University is moved to Kharkov by the orders issued on October 21 2014 by Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food and it will continue to work based on National Technical University of Agriculture in Kharkov city. Read more here. Some teachers who stay in Lugansk on the territory controlled by pro-Russian terrorists claim that students will get Russian diplomas. That is fake. All students need to transfer to other univerisities of Ukraine. The university claims to be the oldest educational establishment in Lugansk region. The university has following faculties: Economics, Engineering, Veterinary medicine, Food technologies, Agronomy, Farm mechanization, and Biotechnology.
Lugansk State Medical University Lugansk State Medical University was founded in 1956. It is the most famous university in Lugansk and it is well known around the world. There are 6 major faculties: Medicine Faculty, The Faculty of Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics Faculty, The Faculty of Dentistry, The Faculty of Foreign Students, The Faculty of Post-graduate Education. On Octover 8, 2014 the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine ordered to relocate the university to Rubizhne, that city is located in Lugansk Region on the territory controlled by Ukrainian authorities.
List of Universities of Lugansk.
University official name Abbreviation Website Address
East Ukraine Volodymyr Dal National University ENU Severodonetsk city
Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk LNU Starobelsk city
Lugansk National Agrarian University LNAU Not available now Kharkov city
Lugansk State Medical University LSMU Rubizhne city
Some interesting facts. As for me, I graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Luhansk. When I became a student, it had a status of institute and couple of years later it became university, so I got lucky to get university diploma. The name of my department also changed during the study and it is called foreign languages department now. There are more foreign than local students at my speciality now. There was so called "called war" between universities as they wanted to be the oldest educational institution in Lugansk, so within 3 years, the university celebrated 75 years anniversary and 80 years anniversary.
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