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About :: Cheap taxi in Lugansk. Taxi to Lugansk and Donetsk airport. Taxi to KIev.

Lugansk taxiPrices for taxi services in Lugansk are cheap. But as everywhere around Ukraine very often if you catch a taxi on a street and start to speak English the driver may try to rip you off and the price will get doubled or tripled very easy. Here I will give you some tips about how to get a good deal on Lugansk taxi and avoid overpaying for the transportation around the city. I will also explain how to get to Lugansk airport or to Donetsk airport from the city center using taxi service. There is no shuttle bus to Lugansk airport from the city center, so taxi is really the only option to get there. Below you will find phone numbers for the taxi companies in Lugansk.

Taxi companies in Lugansk. Phone numbers and names.

First of all, remember, catching a taxi on a street at night is the worst thing to do. There is a big difference between using a regular taxi service and taking taxi on a street. There are many taxi companies in Lugansk, so the competition is high and the cost for the taxi is cheap because of that. So if you need to get from A to B it's better to call one of the taxi companies using your mobile phone. Before sending a car to pick you up they will give you exact price for the ride and they will call you back when the taxi is downstairs. The operators of the taxi companies and the drivers usually don't speak much English, in this case ask your Russian-speaking friends to make a phone call for you. Check the list of the taxi companies, I just put few that I usually use myself. There over 20 of them in total driving around the city.
Name Phone 1 Phone 2
Econom +380953636660 +380676414961
Euro +380660400888 +380502559095
Lux +380955600237 +380505647181
Comfort +380504769075 +380952041075
Flagman +380504760647 +380676434005

Best taxi to get to Lugansk airport and to Donetsk airport. 

When I need to go to the airport I usually use Econom or Euro-Taxi. The price for a taxi ride from the city center to Lugansk airport is about $10-$13. It takes about 20-30 minutes to get there. Usually the flight from Lugansk to Kiev is early in the morning, so there is no traffic and it's easy to drive. Sometimes if you have a lot of luggage better use Euro-Taxi and ask them to send a bigger car, they have some big ones. One time we were traveling 3 people and each of us had 2-3 pretty heavy bags, and we could put all of them no problem, just ask for bigger Citroen car. The taxi ride from Lugansk to Donetsk airport would cost about $65-$80, the round trip would be about $100-$120. It would take about 2 hours to drive one way. The road from Lugansk to Donetsk is OK, but there are some parts of the road that are very narrow, one car one way and another car another way, so if there is some truck stuck in the middle, it can get longer to get to the airport. The distance from Lugansk to Donetsk airport is about 160km.

Taxi from Lugansk to Kiev. 

That's about 900km distance to drive from Lugansk to Kiev by taxi and the road would take about 11-15 hours. The price for the taxi to Kiev is 3 UAH per kilometer, so that's going to be about 2700 UAH one way, that's about $335 for a taxi ride to Kiev from Lugansk. That would be cheaper just to take a flight from Lugansk to Kiev, you can check the schedule and prices for the flights here Lugansk Airport Flights

Getting a taxi at the train station or bus station in Lugansk. 

Please, be careful picking up a taxi waiting near train station or bus station. Those are usually drivers who don't work for any taxi company and they often has little knowledge about the city and their cars are pretty old. And for sure their prices will be super high. So as I said before, ask someone to call for a taxi using one of the phone numbers of the taxi companies. The normal price for a ride from train station or bus station to the city center is about $3. Train station is only 10-15 minutes walking distance to the city center and the bus station is about 20 minutes walking to the center. That is really close. If you don't have too much of luggage with you, you can just use a bus for transportation, the price for a bus ride is just 30 cents or 2.5 UAH

Cost for the taxi to drive around Lugansk.

Most of the taxi companies are not using any meters. There is flat rate to drive from one part of town to another. Lugansk is divided into few areas such as Center, South, East and other two areas called Kambrod and Yubileyniy. The South is the area that covers few blocks and the price to get there from the center is around $3, travel time is about 15 minutes. The price from the Center to the East part of town is about $4 and it takes up to 20 minutes. Yubileiniy is an area that was a separate settlement before, but now it became part of Lugansk, it's located on the way from Lugansk to Donetsk, to get there from the center would cost about $4-$5. Kambrod is another part of town that was a separate settlement in past and the price to get there is also about $4-$5. Lugansk is really very compact city and you can get to any part of town for 20 minutes maximum!
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