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Flowers and Presents Delivery to Lugansk and other cities in Ukraine.
You can order the delivery of flowers and other presents to people living in Lugansk and small towns close to Lugansk, like Lutugino, Alchevsk, Antracit, Aleksandrovsk, Metalist, Schastye, Starobelsk. The price for simple flower arrangements starts from $35. You can check the examples of flowers available at the flower shops of Lugansk today. Just click the icons on the side of the photo to view big size picture. The price for 11 roses is $65.
The minimum price to deliver 1 rose is $25, delivery of 3 roses is $33, 5 roses for $39, 7 roses for $45, 9 roses for $55, 11 roses for $65, 13 roses for $73, 15 roses for $81, 17 roses for $88, 19 roses for $96, 21 roses for $104 and so on, where each additional rose is $4. All roses are premium quality, imported to Ukraine from abroad. Other type of flowers available depending on a season: alstromeria, chrysanthemum, tulips, anturiums, carnations, gerberas, callas, irises, lilies, freesias, eustomas.
Other presents. All girls love sweets, so you can order a box of nice chocolates starting from $15. A bottle of champagne for $10. Helium balloon for $10. Soft Teddy Bear starting from $25. Fruit basket starting from $50.
Teddy Bear
teddy bear
Raffaello Chocolates
raffaello chocolates
Helium Balloon
helium ballon
Ferrero Chocolates
ferrero chocolates
NEW: LIVE ORCHIDS! Now I offer the delivery of live flowers and the best are orchids. Why do I think that is a good idea? I have bought few of those for my wife and the best thing about them is that orchids can keep blossom flowers for 3-4 months, so you can enjoy them for a long time and after the flowers are gone, the orchids are still alive and in some period of time they start to blossom again. Below you can check the video of orchids that they sell in local flower shop in Lugansk.
Live Orchids
Delivery procedure. For delivery, I need the full name of the lady you are sending flowers to and her address. It can be a surprise delivery, in this case the time of delivery is between 7pm and 9pm when people are usually back home from work. Express delivery can be done within 1 hour after I get your request by phone. Usually, I deliver same day I get the payment or the day you specify.
Benefits. Using this simple delivery service you check the address, photo and ID of the person, and make sure that the receiver gets your contact details.
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